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Gute Musik entsteht durch die Harmonie der Gleichsetzung von: 

  • Bandarbeit,
  • banddienlichem Spiel,
  • songorientiertem und songdienlichem Spiel,
  • Bandgefüge, Bandzusammenhalt

Dazu hier ein paar Tipps aus den USA:


Here are some tips to remember when being part of the team that will take you to your goal:

  1. Love and Passion Towards Music
    Every member must love to play music. It can't be a hobby. You will playing your songs over and over again for yourselves and your fans. should have pride in what you create and want everything solid, and as close to, if not perfect.
  2. Be Smart About It...Get a Unique Sound
    Find out how to take advantage of everyones unique talent. Form your stage show and figure out what separates you from the oversaturated market of bands. Set goals for accomplishments. ALWAYS, do your best! Have confidence in what you produce. Work together...
  3. Communicate
    This is important if you're going to work together. So there is no confusion or jealousy, misunderstandings or conflict, be open and verba about issues, situations, group decisions or anything that should shared with everyone.
  4. Work Hard
    catchy = good. Each member should have transportation. Hook up bigger shows by becoming friends with other bands. Get a manager. Have lawyers at all contracts. Give out CD's. Send out flyers...
  5. Dedication, Commitment, Confidence, Compromise, Reasoning
    It will be great at times and rough at times. Arguments will be plentiful. Disagreements will be frequent. If a group of strong-minded individuals are with each other constantly, there will be some heabutts. But, plan on getting along because you'll be together for a long time!
  6. Practice Makes Perfect
    When practicing, pretend you are playing your stage show. You'll need to be in shape when you start playing many shows a week on the road.
  7. Be Professional
    Set a time to rehearse, and be there at that time. Keep track of your funds. Have professional equipment. The last thing you need to see is breaking or coming loose in the middle of your chorus. There must be a fine line of fun and seriousness. Again, have transportation. Don't let the ego get too big. I heard all musicians are towed to have a little.
  8. The Live Show
    This is your time to shine. People and fans notice things. Be together tight. Have energy. Develop a show that relates with your fans. Don't play too long. It's better to leave them wanting more, than to play them to death. Respond to your crowd. Have different set list, based on crowds, and be ready to call an audible if things aren't going the band's way. Play the role of rock star. Get friends to help move equipment on and off stage. Again, you look like more of an act people are doing things for you. Show appreciation to your fans. Try and talk with a couple fans after your show. Sometimes you will be greeted with autograph seekers.

Don't forget to be smart. And don't forget to tip the sound guy... if your are not fortunate enough to have your own.

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